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Budapest is one of the greatest capital cities of the world with a wonderful setting along the two banks of the Danube, a bewildering eclectic architectural heritage and a stunning atmosphere.

Budapest is full of architectural gems (for example iconic Heroes' Square and the Chain Bridge), atmospheric streets, has several pleasant parks and islands, and of course the majestically flowing river Danube, which cuts the city into two parts: Pest and Buda.

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  • Thermal baths of Budapest

    Thermal baths of Budapest 01/27/2012

    Hungary's thermal baths have been used for 2,000 years for cleansing, relaxation and easing aches and pains. The Romans were the first to use Hungary's... »

  • City Park, Heroes' Square

    City Park, Heroes' Square 01/27/2012

    Right at the end of the Andrassy avenue is the largest and most magnificent square of Budapest, Hosok (heroes) tere. The square was built for the... »

  • Castle District

    Castle District 01/27/2012

    The large, gothic styled Royal Palace of Buda was built in the first half of the 14th Century in the Buda Castle district, which became famous Europe-wide... »

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